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תעלומות שבהן אתם
גם הבלשים וגם החשודים

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About us

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Our Mysteries

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Custom made

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Q & A


Contact us

The mystery from the video looks amazing, can I have more details?


Wait a minute, before you offer me something, who are you?

Thank you for asking!

Detective mysteries are great, but murder and violence are less suitable for children ...

Absolutely right, and that's why we wrote - 

I'm asked here in the office if it is possible to participate in a mystery as a company as well.

Sure! We have lots of commercial customers

Wow, your mysteries are perfect, but you know what I really want? A mystery written especially for my event!

Challenge accepted! We totally do things like that

So is it only on zoom? What if I want a mystery in my home or office? should I talk to someone else?

No need to go anywhere else, we can come to you with our mystery. And if you want, it can  even be a -

(Only in Israel)

I still have lots of questions!

We will be happy to answer any questions here:

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