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Murder mansion

Looking for an original idea for a family event, but can't go anywhere?

Want to have a fun meeting with friends who live all over the world?

Welcome to "Murder Mansion", a multiplayer virtual detective game where you are both the detectives and the suspects.

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The mystery

Date: 23.8.1965

Location: Somewhere on Mt. Carmel, Israel.

In the mystery "Murder Mansion" you portray guests arriving at a mysterious mansion, inhabited by Lord Samuel Plummer, who was the British Commissioner in Palestine in the 1940's.  Some of you where invited, others are here by chance, but one thing is certain,  not everyone will leave the mansion alive. 

Before the mystery, each participant will receive an email with information about the plot and the character they will be portraying. Each character has information about the others and secrets that he will have to hide.

At the beginning a crime will take place and the participants, by interrogating each other and examining evidence, will reveal, as a group, the identity of the criminal.

The game will take place on Zoom and on various web pages. All a participant needs is a computer with a microphone and a camera and a sharp brain.

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The investigation

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