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The reality has changed, employees are hardly coming to the office and barely meet.

How can you organize a routine braking event in this situation?

we have the solution! 

The Grey Cell – multi-player virtual detective mysteries, in the comfort of your own home.

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Before the mystery, each participant will receive an email with information about the plot of the game and the character they will be portraying. Each character has information about the others and secrets that he will have to hide.

At the beginning a crime will take place and the participants, by interrogating each other and examining evidence, will reveal as a group the identity of the criminal.

The game takes place on Zoom and on various web pages. There is the option of playing a single game (for a small team) or playing in several rooms at the same time (for a larger company). All a participant needs is a computer, microphone, camera and a sharp brain.


Between 8-14 employees can play in each room.

Up to 5 rooms can be operated simultaneously.

In each room the mystery will be accompanied by a professional actor who will lead the team throughout the game.

The length of the mystery is between 90 and 120 minutes.

The mystery

The mystery takes place online and is accompanied by a professional actor. In order to discover information and examine evidence throughout the game, participants will have to cooperate with each other. Each of the participants has the motive and the opportunity to commit the murder, but no one knows who the killer is, including the actual criminal!

The investigation

The suspects

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Bonus: Behind the Murder Estate - The True Stories Behind the Mystery

"Murder Mansion" might be a completely fiction based story, but the characters are based on real people. Many characters and events in the mystery are based on historical facts and figures.

For companies that play the mystery, we offer a  lecture at  the end of the game that tells the true stories of the people who inspired the characters. Stories that include underground nail-biting operations, politics and murders.


our clients:

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