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Custom made mystery

Company event

Do you want to give your company employees a special, one-time experience? Do you love escape rooms and detective mysteries? 

The reality has changed, employees are hardly coming to the office and barely meet.  The need to increase team-work and boost morale has never been more important.

Let us create a detective mystery just for you!

With your help we will research the past and present of your company and use the information to create your game.

The mystery will incorporate your company's story, vision and it's employees. During the game a crime will take place. In order to solve it, the participants will have to cooperate with each other. Each of the participants has the motive and the opportunity to commit the crime, but no one knows who the criminal is, including the actual criminal! 

The employees who will participate in the mystery will not only enjoy a fun and memorable event, but will also deepen their connection to the company and its core ideas.

Participants will receive information about their character about a week before the event. Throughout the week they will receive evidence and clues, which will raise expectation toward the event.

The mystery will be written and produced to the highest standards of "The gray cell". It will last about an hour and a half and will take place on zoom or in a live encounter.

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Museums / visitor centers

Are you looking for a way to stay in touch with the many people who have visited your site? Do you want to expand their experience and knowledge? Are you looking for a new and exciting way to acquire new visitors?

"The Gray Cell" and "TAMI - The Israeli Museum Theater" can create a play that will connect your audience in the most unique way - your own detective mystery!

Our mysteries take place online, enabling participants to join from all over the world. During the mystery the participants will have to solve a crime that takes place in your facility or in a related site. By solving the mystery they will expand their knowledge of your facility.

The mystery can be a single person game or a group game with the guidance of an actor. The mystery will not replace an actual visit to the facility. Instead it will enhance the visitor's physical experience prior or post visit.

The mystery will be written after extensive research. The end product will be a mystery that is interesting and intriguing enough on its own so that it can be offered to the general public, as well as a complementary experience to any visitor or group after leaving the museum or site.

our clients:

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