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Mystery at the Olympus

Do your kids want to do something fun with their friends but can't get out of the house?

Are you looking for an original way to celebrate a  birthday during corona?

Do you want to challenge your students to think differently?

Meet "Mystery at the Olympus", a multiplayer virtual detective game where the children are both detectives and suspects.

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A scientific expedition has arrives at Lady Bogonville's famous greenhouse. According to legend, the gods of Olympus prepare their nectar from the greenhouse's special flowers.

But it all goes wrong. The flowers die in an instant. It is quite clear that the culprit is one of the participants. But who?

Will the scientists be able to solve the mystery and save themselves, and the entire human race, from the wrath of the gods?

The mystery:

Before the mystery, each participant will receive an email with information about the plot and the characters. At the beginning a crime takes place and the participants, by interrogating each other and examining evidence, will reveal, as a group, the identity of the criminal.

The game will take place on zoom and on various web pages. You can play with classmates or with family members from all around the world.

All a participant needs is a computer with a microphone and a camera and a sharp brain.

The investigation:

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The Mystery is suitable for children between the ages 8-13. A professional actress guides and accompanies the mystery while adjusting the level of difficulty. The mystery involves reading silently  and reading aloud.

The length of the mystery is about 45 minutes

The cost of the mystery is 500 NIS (limited time)

The suspects:

our clients:

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